EVENT REPORT: A Digital Currencies 101 for the Social Sector

BitcoinDecentralized digital currencies such as bitcoin and litecoin are a disruptive technology that are re-shaping the international financial sector. On June 10th Scott Nelson introduced this technology and explored how the non-profit and social sector should approach incorporating it into their day to day activities.



Scott’s Links

Scott shared these links through the course of the presentation.

1) http://seansoutpost.com

2) http://www.womensannexfoundation.org

3) http://peacegeeks.org/donate

4) http://coinmap.org

5) http://bitcoinwisdom.com

6) https://coinmarketcap.com

7) https://vaultofsatoshi.com

8) https://mintpal.com

9) https://dana.io

10) http://www.saftonhouse.com

About Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson founded Communicopia, one of Canada’s first web companies, in 1993 and has made a career of helping the progressive sector adopt and use innovative technology. A staunch advocate of open technologies he became involved in digital currencies in 2010 and has helped numerous organizations benefit from it.