Free NTEN Digital Storytelling Webinars this May

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In May our sponsor NTEN offers a three week series on Thursdays at 11:00 AM PT for our Net2van members:

Bethany Lister, Community Program Coordinator at NTEN wrote: 

We have an upcoming series of webinars we’d like to share with the Tech Club community. We have set up the promo code “NTENStory ” that can be used to get free access to any and all of these events.

Over the last year, The Rockefeller Foundation has teamed up with Hattaway Communications to create Hatch for Good, a new digital storytelling platform designed to help social impact organizations of all kinds use the power of narrative and networks to increase your reach, resources and impact. Learn how to effectively use Hatch for Good with in-depth instructions and prompts to create stories that will inspire and increase impact. Storytelling experts from Hattaway Communications will be available to provide insights and answer questions.

May 7th   – 2pm: Building Your Storytelling Strategy & Capacity

In this workshop, we’ll help you build your “Narrative Framework,” the overarching story that helps provide structure and consistency for all of the individual stories your organization will tell. We will also identify resources and skills organizations require as well as you as an individual need to share your stories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Foundation of your organization’s narrative 
  • Clear idea of the audiences your stories will speak to 
  • Definition of your organization’s (storytelling) goals 
  • Skills and resources needed to become a successful storytelling organization 

May 14th – 2pm: Creating Stories that Capture Interest & Imagination

In today’s competitive media environment, only the most compelling content gets noticed and shared. Storytelling is both an art and a science—and stories for social impact must show people as active agents of change, who play a central role in creating solutions to the problems they face.

In this workshop, we’ll help you map out your story based on a tried-and-true formula seen in narratives across the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clear idea of your storytelling objectives 
  • Structured storyline using the Social Impact Story Map to capture your audience’s interest and imagination
  • Setting the right format for your stories 

May 21st – 2pm: Engaging Your Communities & Measuring Impact

In this workshop, you will get guidance on best practices for using popular platforms and social networks for storytelling and setting metrics for evaluating your digital storytelling efforts.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Tips and guides on using popular platforms for storytelling 
  • Setting the voice and tone of your stories on social media 
  • Best practices on evaluating your digital storytelling effort 

Make sure to use the promo code “NTENStory ”