Draft Event Schedule for 2017

WHOOO! Two hours in a hot room! Big brains flexing! Projector bulb blown!
But at the end of it we have an outline for 2017!

My thanks to all who contributed: Tonya, Ashleigh, Michelle, Chad, Darren for scheming and acting as event producers for the coming year.

All the notes are here: http://j.mp/2d9k2WM (thanks to Ashleigh for leading the documentation)

This is the outline for 2017, but other events will slip in like partnerships with Hootsuite and the Pro Bono Lounge.

November 2016: Google Analytics (Producer: Chad)

December 2016: Better Data Visualization using Excel: Hands-on workshop (Tuesday Dec 6th)

January 2017: TLDS with .eco (Top Level Domains) (Producer: Darren)

February 2017: Design for Non-Designers (Producers: Tonya and Michelle) FORMAT: day-time 3 hour hands-on workshop

March 2017: Show and Tell (Producer: Chad)

April 2017: Slack (Producer: Darren)

May 23 2017: The Digital Nonprofit 2017

  • Capulet Report (Julie and Darren)
  • How to hire an IT professional for your nonprofit

June 2017: Social (Producer: Eli)

July 2017: Open for now

August 2017: Open for now

September 2017: Automation (Producer: Eli)

October 2017: Webinars (Producer: Tonya and Chad)

  • Two part (intro and workshop)
  • Hands on strategizing content
  • How to market your webinar

November 2017: Market Research and creating surveys that don’t suck (Producer: Michelle)

December 2017: Christmas break!