Field trip: NetSquared Greater Seattle

I’ve been the organizer of Vancouver’s Net Tuesday for over three years, but last week (for the first time ever!) I had the chance to visit another city’s NetSquared event. It was awesome! I’ve been privileged to host two other NetSquared organizers in Vancouver (Tierney and Mel) but this was the first time I got to experience another city’s NetSquared magic in person.
The newly re-energized Seattle organizing team put together a kick-ass review of their big digital wins of 2012.
A HUGE thanks to the Seattle team for being so welcoming. Chris, Cornelia, Elena, Joel, Maureen, Michael and Sean – you can created a powerful, sustainable group.
It was totally worth the three hour drive from Vancouver, BC to Seattle to attend the relaunch of #Net2Seattle. Check out those handsome kids!

Seattle organizers with poster

Storify: Visualizing data using maps and other tools

Visualizing data using maps and other tools

Mack Hardy talked about maps and putting large amounts of data onto web-based maps, how to get more information onto maps, and some other ways we can dynamically visualize data using opensource javascript libraries like and

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Visualizing data using maps and other tools. Bonus: 1 year 1%About the event: Mack will be talking about maps and putting large amounts of data onto web-based maps, how to get more information onto …


Mack Hardy’s screencast. See all the details from his demo up-close!

Note: the first few minutes are cut off.
Visualizing data using maps and other tools – NetTuesday VancouverMack Hardy
A recording of the presentation by Mindagape’s Eoghan Moriarty.

The audio is rock solid after the first couple of minutes. 馃檪
Net Tuesday Vancouver at the Hive presents: Visualizing data using maps and other toolsmindagape


Mack Hardy has shared his slides. All those tasty frameworks can be found here.
Data Visualization and Mapping using JavascriptVisualizing data using maps and other tools Mack Hardy Director at Affinity Bridge Presented Feb 5th, 2013 at NetTue


Photos by Linda Liu and Aidan Scott
Content from Visualizing data using maps and other tools – Net Tuesday February 5… Mack will be talking about maps and putting large amounts of data onto web-b…
Live Tweeting Feed:
#ntvan @mackaffinity started Data VisualizationNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Step of Data VisualizationAcquireParseFilterMineRepresentRefineInteractNetSquared
#ntvan useful book Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Maps – Story telling maps see and Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Next topics – Fusion Tables using GoogleNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Fusion Tables Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan how to get started, except by talking to @mackaffinity Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan @mackaffinity demos google fusion table so well… really nice guide, simple and yet strangely powerfulNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan another example – using fusion tables for collaboration Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan props to @mapboxNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan @IHRCRNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan noce source for data for mapping Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan cartogram Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan or for nice js librariesNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan need data Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan @mackaffinity demo Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan Tuesday Meetup
Data representation of something in Vancouver. Can you guess what it is? #ntvan,weloveyou
#ntvan @mackaffinity lends us his code…Wow, great presentation.Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan handover to Hugh, for ethics an open data Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan see for exampleNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan open data is it really open? question posited by HughNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan How to decide what is so, is this display innocuous, if not; what are the risks of displaying this data?Net Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan quasi-opendata, no! not quatchi-opendataNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan impact of extrapolating data to other regions, nice point to bear in mind #dataEthicsNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan see for links on #dataEthicsNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan @hughstimson has some great points and lovely supplement to @mackaffinity #dataEthicsNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan idea to mull, how to rate your maps… gold stars, who would assign them.Net Tuesday Meetup
Additional Goodies
@dreffed, all our #ntvan tweets should be in the feed. Our PeaceTalks event tomorrow at 6pm is on our site: #PGtalksPeaceGeeks
Hey #ntvan, we’re hiring a Drupal developer specifically for a mapping tool build. Perfect follow on for tonight’s topic. Get in touch!PeaceGeeks
#ntvan were in of communication media connects let’s educate from lived experience on #mentalhealthSpeakBOX
Map of BC’s Carbon Footprint @nettuesday #NTVAN Leaman
Love the stats shown on city of van’s site RT @chadleaman: All the graffiti in Vancouver, shown @nettuesday. #ntvanAmy Kleckner
RT @1year1percent: Net Tuesday! Take the 1% Challenge and get a bonus $20 Chimp Dollars, just RT this #1Y1P @NetTuesdayNet Tuesday Meetup
The amazing @ChangL19 can’t stay to photograph all of this week’s #ntvan SOB! Do you want to share your photo skills? We <3 photographers!Net Tuesday Meetup
Thanks to whoever hung this at @nettuesday tonight! #lowtech #doesthejob YEAR ONE PERCENT
Excited to be hosting @NetTuesday #ntvan in our space tonight!The HiVE – Vancouver
Event Outline
[February 5, 2013] Visualizing data using maps and other tools | Net …Jan 30, 2013 … RSVP on About the event: Mack will be talking about maps and putting large amounts of data onto web-based …

Tablets & smartphones: Gadgets for Good? – Storify by @Dreffed

Tablets & smartphones: Gadgets for Good?

Mel Findlater shares how tablets and smartphones such as the iPad and iphone really can create social change in education, for people with disabilities, older people, and in your everyday productivity.

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Tablets, Smartphones, iPads, iPhones: Gadgets for Good?Net Tuesday is thrilled to have Mel Findlater from NetSquared Cambridge present on mobile technology for good this month. =========== Abo…
Our presenter, from Cambridge UK
Melanie Findlater (melfindlater) on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
Tablets and Smartphones – Gadgets for Good?Prezi transcript Tablets and Smartphones Gadgets for Good? Communication Independence Tablets & Smartphones- Gadgets for Good? They just …
Tablets & smartphones: Gadgets for Good?evdg
Ha! RT @nettuesday: #ntvan @melfindlater rocks the smart world… Who pushes the envelope, Mel does!Melanie Findlater
thx everyone at @nettuesday for all of the good discussion tonight. So much enthusaism – great group! #ntvanMelanie Findlater
@melfindlater @NetTuesday Great point of entry for us newbies at Net Tuesday. Thank you, Mel! #ntvanRyan Calbick
See more sections below… Photos, feeds, links and our glorious hosts.
Flickr photo set with photos by Linda Liu
Content from Tablets & smartphones: Gadgets for Good?Net Tuesday January 8 2013… Ever wondered what the big deal is about these ne…
Video by Eoghan Moriarty of Mindagape Creative. The video is dark, but the audio mix is SWEET!
Tablets & smartphones: Gadgets for Good?evdg
The feed …
#ntvan can you share your story with @melflatlinerDavid Gloyn-Cox
#ntvan the device is not the focus it is the tool to achieve the goal of salient and worthwhile educationNet Tuesday Meetup
#ntvan look back to the olden days… limited classroom… The pre silicon days.Net Tuesday Meetup
RT @elijah: Super rad(ical) video on new ways to teach. 鈥淍NetTuesday: #ntvan The Flipped Classroom鈥滱jay Masala Puri
@FizaAlam if u weren’t a virtual teacher video on new ways to teach. 鈥淍NetTuesday: #ntvan The Flipped Classroom鈥滽allMeK
Super rad(ical) video on new ways to teach. 鈥淍NetTuesday: #ntvan The Flipped Classroom鈥滶li van der Giessen
I love @melfindlater 鈥榮 conversational approach at @NetTuesday. Come back to the west coast! #ntvan @Net2CambEli van der Giessen
#ntvan imagine the voice of Julie andrews @melfindlater sings and shows a few of her favourite things.Net Tuesday Meetup
O god not w/ my husky voice! RT @nettuesday: #ntvan imagine voice of Julie andrews @melfindlater sings & shows a few of her favourite thingsMelanie Findlater
#ntvan nice participation from the audience… Great to hear the comment.Thank you net tuesday peeps :)Net Tuesday Meetup
Great to be at @NetTuesday #ntvan to learn some tips and tricks on using smartphones and tablets for good. I’m on a tablet right now!PeaceGeeks
#ntvan Making the impossible possible!Net Tuesday Meetup
Links and stuff so you can get the gorgeous fillings…

Mindings – Share photos, text messages, reminders, and Facebook with your older family from your mobile phone. Be better connected and care for the ones you love.Share personal captioned photos, text messages, calendar reminders, Facebook, and much more on a digital screen. Better connect and care …
Loquendo: global supplier of speech recognition and speech synthesis technology and solutionsWith over 30 years cutting-edge R&D experience, global speech technology leader Loquendo provides all the solutions required for creating…
MyChoicePad – Be heard. Be cool. Be you.MyChoicePad – an educational Makaton iPad app for children and adults with learning or communication difficulties.
Verbally for iPadVerbally. Start a conversation. Home 路 About the app 路 Features 路 Verbally Premium 路 Our Story 路 Get the app 路 get Verbally. 鈥淭he progr…
Code for America | A New Kind of Public ServiceAdopt-a-Hydrant lets citizens claim responsibility for shoveling out hydrants during snowstorms. Turns out, though, that was just its beg…
Home | Apps for GoodWhere young people learn to create apps that change their world Become a school partner If you are interested in your school becoming an …
Educational Vodcasting – Flipping the ClassroomVodcasting and the Flipped Classroom. This site is maintained by Jerry Overmyer and is devoted to teaching educators how to use vodcast…
Flipped Classroom | Office of Faculty and Organizational DevelopmentTranslation of content on this website is performed by Google鈩 Translate, which performs automated computer translations that are only an…
Epic Win – Level-Up Your LifeOur lives are full of quests. Remember that birthday card, send that email, or drag ourselves to the gym on a regular basis. Trouble is, …
SketchBook Pro – Drawing App – AutodeskDigitally sketch and paint using Autodesk SketchBook Pro sketching software. Drawing app is also available for iPad and Android tablets a…
Flipboard 鈥 Now available on iPhone2010-2012 Flipboard, Inc. Made with Love in Palo Alto, California. Flipboard and the Flipboard Logo are trademarks of Flipboard, Inc. T…
Prezi – The Zooming Presentation EditorPrezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun…
Ooo me likes @Popplet (no autocorrect, not pooplet) for organizing thoughts and notes. Thx @melfindlater #ntvanAjay Masala Puri
Popplet | Collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects!Popplet is an app for the web and iPad, where you can collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects.
You Can Bike TooGrab a friend and Hire a Bike Join others on a Try It Out Tuesday Grab your kids and try a Family Fun Session Book an exclusive Session f…
An finally but not least our great hosts for the night.
Thanks @thenetworkhub for hosting @NetTuesday tonight! So swanky. #ntvan Antifaeff
Vancouver Office Space, Mailbox Rental, Mailing Service, Answering Service, Meeting Room Rental | The Network HubThe Network Hub provides services such as office space for entrepreneurs, mailbox rental, shared office, meeting room rentals, phone answ…

Storify: Ben Johnson’s digital tool suggestions from Net Tuesday

A look into the tool kit of Ben Johnson, the Managing Director of Frontier Consulting.

A look into the tool kit of Ben Johnson, the Managing Director of Frontier Consulting.

I am digital and so can you (slides and photos from Ben Johnson’s digital tools presentation)

Frontier Consulting‘s Ben Johnson delivered a humdinger of a presentation for Net Tuesday. It was so jam-packed full of information that no notetaker could hope to keep up. Luckily for us Ben has generously agreed to share his slides.


Linda Liu was our photographer again (yay!) and has already shared the first 10 photos from the event.

I took those photos and used Animoto to create a video slideshow.

Oh, and charities are eligible for a free upgrade on their Animoto account.

Volunteer update

  • Amy and Helen were awesome in their tag-team role as greeters!
  • David Gloyn-Cox has offered to join our volunteer team. Yay!
  • Linda is already uploading photos.
  • Rita Jasper recorded the whole event and is planning on producing a series of short excerpts. I’m really excited to see what she creates. Go Rita!
  • Kelvin expertly conducted our online symphony last night. It’s a beautiful thing.

Interested in joining the volunteer team? Give us a shout!

And lastly, please join me in congratulating my co-organizer Chad on being a new father of twins!!!!

Online community management event report

Missed our Online Community Management panel? Shame on you, because the event was wicked awesome. But you can redeem yourself by checking out these event recaps courtesy of new attendee Candie Tanka聽and Net Tuesday online animator Kelvin Claveria.

A huge thanks to both for their generosity and insights.