NetSquared Camp 2012

What is NetSquared Camp?

NetSquared Camp is a daylong unconference put on by the friendly folks that host the monthly Net Tuesday meetups in Vancouver.  Net Tuesday brings together social media users and web innovators with social change makers and nonprofits to swap stories, mix ideas, and build new relationships.  The aim is to empower non-profits with emerging tools, trends, and best-practices, allowing them to fulfill their mission statements in new and innovative ways.

The first NetSquared Camp had over 160 people in attendance.  The space at this event is limited to 80, so register early.

Who should come?

  • Non-profit people: learn more about utilizing technology to further your cause.
  • Web developers and social media people: share your best practices and find organizations that need your help.
  • Marketing people: assist non-profits in building strategic connections between their causes and their audiences.


This is an unconference, so you decide what want you want to discuss, share, explore, and learn.  Topics that Net Tuesday has covered over the last year include:

  • Should your nonprofit be selling merchandise?
  • Applications of location-based technology services
  • Managing volunteers with software and soft skills
  • How nonprofits win with word-of-mouth marketing
  • Redesigning your website: what you need to know
  • Flexing Facebook’s civic muscles
  • Delivering services through e-Learning
  • Google Analytics
  • Network organizations create better online campaigns

When, Where, and How Much?

NetSquared Camp 2012 will be held at The HiVE in downtown Vancouver, on Saturday, April 28 2012.  Early bird tickets cost $20; regular tickets are $25.  Register now on Eventbrite!

A video taste of the 2010 NetSquared Camp

NetSquared Camp organizers meeting- Tuesday, July 6

Come out for the second NetSquared Camp organizers meeting. Everyone’s welcome!
Date: Tuesday, July 6
Time: 5:30 – 7:00pm
Location: 302 Water Street, 4th Floor: Water Street Arts Society.

NetSquared Camp Vancouver

Register for NetSquared Camp Vancouver in Vancouver, British   Columbia  on EventbriteDate: Saturday, August 14
9:00 am – 4:00pm
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street
By donation!

Attention Social Change geeks! You are invited to join us at Vancouver’s first NetSquared Camp.

What’s that? It’s an unconference bringing together nonprofits, activists and social entrepreneurs with their friends and allies in the world of technology and communications (social media folk, developers, designers, writers, marketers….)

NetSquared Camp Vancouver will focus on practical skill development and peer learning, so come with your questions and experiences.

Example topics:

  • how do I grow and manage my email list?
  • What fundraising strategies work best online?
  • Facebook Groups vs. Pages – which is right for me?
  • What’s CRM and why should I care?
  • How do I make a blog work for my organization?
  • How do I create a social media strategy?
  • What are best practices for Google Adwords?
  • How do I make an awesome Youtube video that converts to web traffic?
  • What’s the point of your website?
  • What is Drupal and why should you care?

Got a great topic you’d love to share? Add it to our wiki.

Internet Help Desk:

Are you new to this newfangled internet stuff? Why not join us at the Internet Help Desk?

Get one-on-one help from local experts who can answer your questions about such topics as:

  • How to create an email campaign
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • How to setup  Google Adwords
  • How to create a free site using

It’ll be awesome fun. See you there! RSVP now.