CONFIRMED: Vancouver Change Camp to be held Saturday June 12 at the W2 Storyeum

It’s good to have a hobby. Even if your hobby is something weird, like organizing conferences.
So I’m proud to present the second of this summer’s keep-Eli-out-of-trouble projects:

Vancouver Change Camp 2010

Date: Saturday, June 12
Location: W2 Storyeum
Early-bird tickets are available now for just $15 (until May 15)!
How you can get involved:

WHAT IS VANCHANGECAMP: A participatory, web-enabled event to imagine and build new ways to collaborate for social change in the digital age. ?

WHY: Change Camp is a collaborative, participatory and web-enabled event that is meant to explore the following questions:
  1. How can we help our governments be more open and responsive?
  2. How do we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?
1500 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada