Slides and Video: Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit

Resources from Our Presenter, Pany Aghili

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The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community has resources on measuring organizational performance and capacity. Their approach to measuring impact is not what I like best but they have a ton of resources for measuring performance and capacity.

This report from The Dixon Society’s Project Impact is a good example of how Impact Measurement can be done using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data.

Dr. Patty’s book Getting to What Matters will help if you want to undertake an impact measurement on your own.

Pany Aghili is also happy to answer any specific questions. Reach Pany at

Measuring and communicating the impact of your work is essential to not only the funders and generous donors that support your work but also to your employees. But how do you measure the impact of your work beyond the numbers and anecdotal stories? In this online workshop we reviewed the three areas of organizational measurement: Performance, Capacity and Impact and review requirements that need to be in place to measure the impact of your organization effectively.


Pany Aghili, is the Founder and Principal Consultant at PossibilitiesUnlimited. With over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector and 15 years of experience in senior management and executive leadership positions, Pany has diverse knowledge of the workings of organizations and has transformed the organizations she has worked at through collaboration and engagement. PossibilitiesUnlimited offers strategic planning, training, and services aimed at improving organizational health and success.

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