Why Audience Research Will Save Your Nonprofit Time And Effort

TechSoup Connect Western Canada is delighted to announce our next event with repeat guest expert Alison Knott. Join us for a virtual event on June 6 for “Audience Research: Save Time And Effort With Your Communications.”

🗓️ Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 at 12 PM PDT

🎟️ https://events.techsoup.org/e/m6vstb/

Nonprofits can get excited to start their marketing efforts immediately, but we must know our target audience first. In this workshop, Alison will share best practices for audience research and what nonprofits like yours should do before you get into the tactics.

“How do organizations decide what they are going to talk about? That’s going to be worth our time, our very limited time as nonprofit teams,” says Knott.  “We are going to measure twice and cut once and research before we start thinking about what to put on TikTok and Instagram, in newsletters and webinars.”

Who Is Alison Knott?

Alison K supports brands putting good into the world with marketing consulting and training. She shows you how to make your marketing ethical, doable, and lovable so you stick with it to get the goods and do more good.

More on Audience Research: Save Time And Effort With Your Communications

“While it can be tempting for staff working for non-profit organizations to be turning out things for the sake of churning out things.” Knott says that “it’s getting back to easy, affordable, enjoyable research that will help you create content ideas and content and understand who we want to reach from an advocacy perspective or educational perspective.”

“Perhaps there is a fear of greenwashing, excluding voices/perspectives or other concerns that make team members unsure how to communicate effectively,” says Knott.

The challenges faced by non-profits are many and before you act on the tactics of your messaging without really understanding why it is you are doing what you are doing.

Learn More About Alison

Her presentations are an unusual blend of high-octane enthusiasm and actionable lessons. Boring tech jargon has no place in her talks!

Alison aims to engage audiences at the highest level. Action plans, workshop sessions and giving out candy are just a few examples. Whatever it takes to have people leave inspired, she’s on board.

In addition to public speaking, Alison has held teaching positions at NSCAD University and NSCC IT Campus, mentoring hundreds of students about design and the web.

Learn more about Alison’s work: https://alisonkconsulting.com/