Vancouver ChangeCamp – there is such thing as a free lunch (with ticket!)

Flag of British Columbia
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Hi Campers!

We’re less than 2 weeks away from Vancouver ChangeCamp.
Don’t have tix yet? Your problem’s solved at

Here’s what you should know:

  1. The province of BC just joined us as a sponsor. That means LUNCH IS NOW INCLUDED with your ticket.
  2. ChangeCamp is a no-barrier event. Can’t afford to go? Don’t want to participate in the capitalist system? Email and I’ll provide a free ticket.
  3. Check out the session proposals at And feel free to add your own.
  4. People are the heart of ChangeCamp. More people = a better event.

Please take a moment and think of just 2 people who just HAVE to be at Vancouver ChangeCamp. Then forward them our URL and a personal message.


1500 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada