Event Replay: Leveraging Automation for Enhanced Donor Engagement: Insights from Dan Lombardi’s TechSoup Connect BC Presentation

Welcome to a world where automation is not just a buzzword but a transformative tool for nonprofits! Recently, at a TechSoup Connect BC event, Dan Lombardi from Mission Simplify demonstrated how strategic automation could fundamentally enhance donor engagement and operational efficiency. Here’s a snapshot of the insightful session, aimed at helping nonprofits harness the power of automation while still keeping personal connections at the core of their operations.

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A Message From Dan Lombardi

At Mission Simplify we specialize in providing tailored technological solutions for nonprofit organizations seeking to streamline their operations and amplify their impact. Leveraging our expertise in low-code and no-code applications, along with our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by non-profits, we work closely with each client to develop customized workflows and automations that optimize their processes. From donor management and volunteer coordination to event planning and program delivery, our solutions are designed to save time, reduce manual effort, and enhance efficiency across all aspects of non-profit operations

Key Takeaways from the Session

1. Streamlining Operations:

Dan discussed the transformative power of automation in reducing staff burnout and optimizing resources. By automating routine tasks, nonprofits can redirect their focus towards meaningful engagement with their donors and beneficiaries.

2. Enhancing Donor Relationships:

Automation can significantly enhance the way nonprofits communicate and engage with their donors. Dan shared innovative examples, such as automated thank-you emails and segmented donor communications, which ensure that each donor feels acknowledged without overwhelming nonprofit staff.

3. Tools and Techniques for Efficiency:

Dan introduced several tools that facilitate automation, including Zapier, Google Workspace, and Sly Broadcast. These tools help bridge different applications, allowing for seamless integration and automation of tasks that traditionally require manual input.

4. Real-World Examples:

Practical illustrations, such as automating the process of sending ringless voicemails and managing donor databases via CSV files, showcased how nonprofits could implement these strategies effectively. One highlighted automation involved updating Facebook custom audiences automatically, ensuring that marketing efforts are targeted and efficient.

5. Emphasizing Personal Touch:

Despite the focus on automation, Dan emphasized maintaining a personal touch in automated communications. He discussed strategies for ensuring that automated emails and messages retain a personal feel, enhancing the donor’s connection to the cause without appearing mechanical or impersonal.


Dan Lombardi’s presentation at TechSoup Connect BC is a beacon for nonprofits aiming to adopt modern technological solutions to amplify their impact. By integrating thoughtful automation into everyday processes, nonprofits can not only save time but also foster stronger, more personal connections with their supporters. For those inspired to explore further, Dan’s open invitation to assist and provide guidance remains a valuable resource.

As nonprofits continue to navigate the challenges of digital transformation, the insights from this event are a powerful reminder of the potential of automation to revolutionize not just how work is done, but how relationships are nurtured and grown within the nonprofit sector.