What’s Eli up to?

The blog’s been dead recently, but I’m not dead yet.

Here’s a quick summary of my work life over the last six months:

The day gig

I’m the Creative Services lead at the David Suzuki Foundation. Shockingly (to me) I’ve been at the Foundation for over 4 years now. Who knew that I’d settle down? I guess I’m not immune to being in my 30s.


I’ve been working as a consultant to Constructive Public Engagement. We’ve done two events:

It’s great to organize events and run around with an army of volunteers again. It makes me nostalgic for my years at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

Public speaking

Now that I’m old and wise and have done some stuff I’m being asked to do some public speaking. Some recent gigs include:

I’ll also be leading a workshop on word-of-mouth marketing using social media at the IMPACT! Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership (a mouthful!) in Guelph this September.


I’ve been the organizer of Vancouver’s Net Tuesday for the last two years. Yowza! This monthly meetup connects nonprofits with their allies in technology and marketing.

I’m also exercising my Salesforce and fundraising muscles by volunteering with OpenMedia.ca and recently helped the Vancouver AFP chapter by facilitating a session to help focus their social media strategy.

In summary: fun!

1500 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada