I am digital and so can you (slides and photos from Ben Johnson’s digital tools presentation)

Frontier Consulting‘s Ben Johnson delivered a humdinger of a presentation for Net Tuesday. It was so jam-packed full of information that no notetaker could hope to keep up. Luckily for us Ben has generously agreed to share his slides.


Linda Liu was our photographer again (yay!) and has already shared the first 10 photos from the event.

I took those photos and used Animoto to create a video slideshow.

Oh, and charities are eligible for a free upgrade on their Animoto account.

Volunteer update

  • Amy and Helen were awesome in their tag-team role as greeters!
  • David Gloyn-Cox has offered to join our volunteer team. Yay!
  • Linda is already uploading photos.
  • Rita Jasper recorded the whole event and is planning on producing a series of short excerpts. I’m really excited to see what she creates. Go Rita!
  • Kelvin expertly conducted our online symphony last night. It’s a beautiful thing.

Interested in joining the volunteer team? Give us a shout!

And lastly, please join me in congratulating my co-organizer Chad on being a new father of twins!!!!