August Nonprofit & Tech Events

Hey friends, there’s lots of great events for the nonprofit tech community. Check ’em out!


Most NetSquared Vancouver events are free or by donation.

Listening to Your Members: Using Social (Media) Intelligence

When: Tuesday, September 8

Learn how to develop a social media listening strategy. Find out what your members want… They’re already telling you!

Community Manager Camping Trip

When: Saturday, September 12- Sunday, September 13

Camping. For Community Managers! Chill and gossip with your peers at the campfire.

We’re planning a very loosely organized overnight camping trip with your Community Manager pals. Wanna come? We’ll drink, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry and we’ll eat s’mores around a campfire.

A Match Made in Heaven: Integrating Matching Donations into Your Campaigns

When: Tuesday, October 13

A revealing case study of a matching donation campaign partnership between the Canuck Place Hospice and the Conconi Foundation. Learn how they modeled a collaborative fundraising campaign that integrated the strengths of each partner. You’ll hear from the funder, from the major gifts manager and the communications team – all of whom came together to model best practices for matching campaigns.


Disappointed that you missed the 2015 The Digital Non-Profit Conference?

You can still learn from the great presentations because SPARXC recorded the entire event. So it is possible to hear the sage advice of leaders and experts on:

  • How to structure your organizations to make them more effective online
  • How to embed the power of the internet into our daily operations
  • How to use data to make better decisions and be more effective in executing your missions

Very positive feedback from the attendees

Listen to this 3 minute video and the comments from attendees about the presentations.

NET2 Digital NonProfit Conference and Attendee’s Response

If you are a Non-Profit leader, Fundraiser or a Digital Program/Support Staff who wants to more effectively engage your donors and promote your cause, contact Henry Urion at SPARXC, 604 442 6947 or to obtain video recordings of the presentations.

More info about the speakers and their presentations

Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps
“The role of data in equity and social justice”
The nonprofit sector has seen an increased focus on data, metrics, outcomes, etc. Some of this is due to the complex nature of our work and the difficulty of defining success. The focus on data is an attempt to tame the chaos. However, data can be both very helpful, or very detrimental to the work. The narrow definitions of what constitutes good data and outcomes, for example, can leave many marginalized communities behind. We need to understand how and when to use data, who uses it, and how to apply the lens of equity in looking at data.

Peter Wrinch, Lead Organizer, NationBuilder and former Executive Director, Pivot Legal Society
“Building the Culture to Win: A Deep Look at Non-profit Culture, Structure & Tech – You Always Need to Be Selling”
When Peter Wrinch took over the leadership at Pivot in 2010 the organization was struggling. Despite an incredible vision, a strong community of support, and a great team, the bank accounts were empty, people worked in silos, and the organization was suffering from mission drift. At his first staff retreat as Executive Director, he asked the staff to work with a new style of leadership – one that put each of them at the centre of their own respective areas of expertise. As Executive Director he would supply the tools for their success, but the responsibility for growth, movement, and ultimately Pivot-style social change rested with them. And it worked! Listen to his sage advice on how to sell your organization.

Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director, Frontier Marketing Company
“55 ways to love your donor”
Frontier has recently conducted a study of online fundraising practices among Canadian Christian Charities. They’ll present their findings, which lay out a series of best-practices that can be used to evaluate any charity website, as well as actionable steps to make some of the most critical changes.


Ideas Vancouver

When: Tuesday, August 4

We discuss ideas over drinks; business ideas, ideas on how to improve ourselves, how to make Vancouver more awesome, or any ideas, really.

Board Fundamentals: Critical role of the Chair

When: August 6

Learn key strategies to engage your board in achieving its organizational mission by: gaining a better understanding of the board chair’s role;
exploring how to move your board towards a governance model; and
generating ideas for a Board Chair leadership action plan.

OpenDataBC: Come discuss ideas and actions for open data

When: Thursday, August 6

Don’t forget to share any ideas and topics you would like to hear about from us!

Board Fundamentals: Roles & Responsibilities

When: August 11

Engage your board and align their work with organizational values and vision.

Ideas Vancouver @ Creative Coworkers

When: Tuesday, August 11

We discuss ideas over drinks; business ideas, ideas on how to improve ourselves, how to make Vancouver more awesome, or any ideas, really.

Board Fundamentals: Critical role of the Chair

When: August 12

Learn key strategies to engage your board in achieving its organizational mission.

WordCamp Vancouver 2015

When: Saturday, August 15

WordCamp Vancouver 2015 is our conference that focuses on everything WordPress! It will take place at BCIT downtown on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 from 8am to 5pm. The day will be jam-packed with talks for WordPress developers, content-creators, and more.

This year we will also have a Training Track for those who are new to WordPress.

GoodsSwap & Good to Know Sessions

When: Saturday, August 15

GoodsSwap is a fundraiser for our non-profit and the Shanti Uganda Society. It is a clothing sale with educational session to organized by Median Fundraising. Median provides support to local charities who can’t hire salaried event planners/fundraisers.

An Introduction to Social Return on Investment

When: September 15

This course has been designed for professionals interested in exploring how the SROI methodology can enhance an overall approach to social impact planning, evaluation, measurement and reporting. A typical course participant is a social impact investor, program planner, program manager or evaluator, from any sector.

Exploring Leadership: The Next Generation

When: September 22

The Exploring Leadership: The Next Generation workshop is designed to empower you (up-and-coming not-for-profit staff, board members and volunteers) with tools to explore your own leadership strengths, embrace leadership opportunities and cultivate a network of support as you take the first steps on your personal leadership path.

Van IMPACT 2015 Conference: Good Growth

When: Wednesday, September 23

VanIMPACT15 focuses on the intersection between Purpose + Profit + Technology, and how together they become a powerful force for change. This year’s theme is Good Growth: as the founder of a startup or NPO leader, how do you grow your organization while keeping your core values and vision at the heart of this growth?

Volunteer Futures Conference

When: September 24 + 25

September 24 & 25, 2015 is Volunteer BC’s annual training event – VOLUNTEER FUTURES

Volunteer and Non-Profit Sectors strengthen and build communities. In order to succeed and make an impact, we must nurture our networks – share our goals and work together. High-impact organizations build networks of allies, share their expertise and talent with their peers. As we progress in the information age,the savvier our stakeholders become – non-profits must also focus on technology to increase their impact.

This is the event to share the voices of your community, find out what’s happening across the province and collaborate with like-minded partners and learn! Anyone from the general public interested in learning more about volunteerism and non-profits are welcome. Join us!

Advanced Governance: Strategic & Generative Conversations

When: October 8

Drawing on the Governance as Leadership framework, this masterclass will provide you with a strong foundation to shift the focus of your board conversations toward the issues that really matter.

Board Fundamentals: Strategic Board Recruitment

When: October 13

Move beyond recruiting the usual suspects by creating a strategic framework to identify, recruit, and engage the “right” board members.

BOSS: BC’s Not-For-Profit Leadership Conference

When: October 15, 2015

Vantage Point is launching this innovative one-day leadership conference to convene seasoned and emerging leaders, board members and volunteers in a shared space to develop competencies, skills and tools.

Understanding the BC Society Act

When: November 10

This workshop reviews how this Act affects the ongoing work of your board and organization, focusing specifically on role and responsibilities of members, board and staff, as well as critical compliance such as Constitution, Bylaws, AGMs, board meetings, records-keeping, and filings.

Knowledge Philanthropy: How to Find & Engage Volunteer Talent

When: November 18

Explore practices that support the successful engagement of knowledge philanthropists, or skilled volunteers, and learn how to proactively plan for, attract and engage knowledge philanthropists in your work.

Board Fundamentals: Executive Director Development

When: November 27

Learn why, when and how to evaluate the executive director, and move towards developing a process and an assessment tool that works for your organization.

Human Resources: Navigating Performance Issues

When: December 9

Focus on tools to develop or strengthen your discipline and termination policies and procedures.

Board Fundamentals: Fund Development

When: December 10

Learn best practices and concrete ideas to support your organization’s fundraising efforts. – See more at:

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