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Gather insights, share stories, and build trust over the common language of data. Using Google’s free DataStudio tool, you can plug in your website, socials, email, and excel sheets in order to visualize what matters most to you, your boss, your board or any other stakeholders.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to visualize data in 5 minutes using any DataStudio template
  • How to make your report/dashboard make sense to “non-techy” people
  • How to share your data to foster trust and secure relationships with those that matter most

Watch the webinar on Data Storytelling using Google DataStudio:

“You have to contextualize data.”

-Michael Despotovic

Michael offers a step-by-step guide for using Google DataStudio. His demo includes:

  • Editing text and adding sections
  • Customizing your theme and layout or using prebuilt templates
  • Using charts to pull insights
  • Telling a story with scorecards
  • Utilizing funnels
  • Adding filters
  • Blending data
  • Creating various charts including line and bar graphs
  • Creating more complex accumulative charts
  • Adding and customizing spreadsheet tables
  • Developing audience charts
  • Integrating services such as Facebook and Twitter using APIs

Additional resources and notes from the presenter:

You can access the main DataStudio workshop report template here:

Instructions on how to use the template:

  1. Click the link
  2. Find the 3 dots icon next to the “share” button, click it and click “make a copy”
  3. DataStudio will ask you to pick new data sources, but you can do that later. Just click “copy report”
  4. You’ll be taken to your own, personal copy of this data report, located at, similar to a google doc.
  5. Edit your copied report and be sure to add your own data sources into it.

A note from Michael:

I would love for everyone to take 5 minutes and see what my amazing team and I do at A & O. Check out this link: We are eager and interested to help all the nonprofits with whatever digital marketing support they need, whether that’s analysis, strategy, or execution. We’re very affordable!

About the Presenter: Michael Despotovic of Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing

Michael Despotovic is the Co-Director of Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing (A & O) based out of Vancouver, BC. Learn more about A & O at Michael has a Master’s in Publishing from SFU and is continuously involved in various arts, culture, and faith-based organizations around town. He’s also really into co-operatives!

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