An Interview with Rowena Veylan about Indigenous Protocols For Nonprofits

TechSoup Connect BC is proud to present our next event, Indigenous Protocols For Nonprofits on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, with Rowena Veylan from the New School of Fundraising. This workshop is designed to help non-profits understand the role that indigenous protocols can play in their events and functions and how to be able to do such things authentically.

“We encourage non-profit organizations to approach things authentically when it comes to including indigenous protocols in events. What it means, Why it’s done. The nuts and bolts. Make it personal to you. Read from your heart and ensure that things come through in a meaningful way.”

Rowena Veylan

There are differences between how First Nations groups conduct things like a traditional welcome or a land acknowledgement and many non-profits don’t know even know what the difference is between a welcome and an acknowledgement. There is also a lack of consistency at non-profit events regarding a welcome or acknowledgement as they are present at some events and not others.

“In the non-profit industry, we are empathetic and compassionate and we want people to feel that it’s ok to call an admin office or friendship centre of a nation and ask how this can be approached.”

Some other key parts of the workshop will also look at how to help organizations foster lasting relationships with groups and Nations as its the ongoing relationships that are key. Correct name pronunciation of both the individuals and groups that may be involved in an event will also be covered.