Interview: Trish Riswick, Social Media Specialist at Hootsuite

Organizations small and large often struggle with effective social media strategies as part of their marketing efforts.
Non-profits are no different and can’t often find the time to post much less start understanding why they are doing what they are doing with a Facebook or Instagram account.

TechSoup Connect BC: Create A Social Strategy in 7 Steps

  • Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 PM PST

“This presentation is a high-level look at social media strategy. We focus on the simplicity and the importance of it. It is for people or organizations who do not have a lot of experience working with social media.”

Trish Riswick

Join us and Trish Riswick, Social Media Specialist, from Hootsuite to find out why social media is about more than just posting random pieces to their channels.

Takeaways from this presentation include a template content calendar that organizations can use once they develop a strategy.

“We will look at how to identify two to three content pillars as well as What are you posting about. You’ll also get a list of things to go back to when you are stuck creatively. Social media moves fast. Together, let’s make a strategy that will adapt and change with you.”

Trish Riswick