Introducing Hootsuite’s Social Media Tune-Up Coaches

Your Hootsuite Social Media Tune-Up Coaches

Owly Repair Man Mechanic from Hootsuite
When: Monday, February 23, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: HootSuite Headquarters, 5 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Scaling your social media within current resources is often a challenge for NGOs. How do you manage multiple social media platforms without budgeting more for a social media manager or a social team?

Hootsuite’s coaches can show you how it’s possible to scale your social media, connect with more supporters and increase the organic reach of your communications.

As part of Hootsuite’s HootGiving Program, our Social Media Tune-Up is available as a complimentary service for NGOs. After we take a look at how you’re currently using social media, we’ll make recommendations and work with you to improve your social presence.


Hootsuite’s expert social media and marketing coaches will be there to guide you!

Alberto Cristoffanini – @HootAlberto

Alberto Cristoffanini from Linkedin
Social Media Coach

Expertise includes

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social media in Latin America
  • Social Justice

Michelle Garrigo – @HootGarrigo

Michelle Garrigo from twitter
Social Media Coach

Expertise Includes

  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
  • Hootsuite Dashboard Ninja
  • Agency background, managing multiple clients in various industries

Andrea Johb – @HootAJ

Andrea Johb hootsuiteSocial Media Coach

Expertise includes

  • On-boarding with social networks
  • Hootsuite dashboard trainer
  • Social Media Strategy

Liz Lee – @ellielee194

Elizabeth Lee hootsuiteCustomer Success Manager

Expertise includes

  • Social Marketing
  • Social Customer Service
  • Social Selling

Leyla Morzan – @HootLeyla

Leyla Morzan hootsuite
Customer Success Manager, Enterprise

Expertise includes

  • Social Strategy
  • Building Meaningful Relationships
  • Social Customer Service

Maria Perez – @HootMP

Maria Perez hootsuiteSocial Media Coach

Expertise includes

  • Social strategy
  • Engagement
  • Measuring social media efforts

Juan Ramos – @HootRamos

Juan Ramos from Linkedin
Customer Success Manager

  • Social and Digital Strategy
  • Social and Online Metrics
  • Increasing your online audience

Julia Shepherd – @msjuliashepherd

Julia Shepherd hootsuiteCustomer Success Associate

Expertise includes

  • Engaging with your Audience
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • Social Strategy

Tori Swanson – @ HootTori

Tori Swanson hootsuiteSocial Media Coach

Expertise includes

  • Brand Monitoring & Engagement
  • Social Strategizing
  • Goal Setting and Tracking Social Growth

Miriam Trotscha – @miriamtrot

Miriam Trotscha hootsuiteCustomer Success Manager

  • Social media strategy for NGOs
  • Creating your first strategy
  • Building out a team
  • Executive buy-in

Skyler Thompson – @thisseasonslove

Skyler Thompson hootsuiteSolutions Partner Coach

Expertise includes

  • Social Strategy
  • Measurable Social Goals
  • Social Best Practices (tips and tricks)