NetSquared Camp 2015 Was Awesome

Hi Net2camp friends,

Gosh, that was fun. Thanks so much for coming out on a Saturday and partying #nptech-style with us!

We tried to capture some of the electrifying energy of the day in our storify. The summary includes the tweets, photos, videos and notes generated during the event.

A special thanks to McKay Savage to being dragooned into photography, Noah Ferguson for capturing a super-cool time-lapse video of the session pitches and Natalie Hill for taking notes during the CRM and database session. My thanks also to the entire volunteer team, with extra thanks to key collaborators Michelle Sklar and Chad Leaman. 🙂

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Events like Net2camp don’t happen by accident. A team of community champions come together to hold our events. We are proud to work with Michelle Sklar of Bgenerus, who has provided our ticketing and donation platform (plus marketing support!) for our last two events. Looking for a partner to help raise money online? Give her a shout!

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Why was the event so cheap? Because our sponsors are awesome! Give it up for HiVE Vancouver, Bgenerus, Constructive Public Engagement, and Erika Rathje Design.

Additional love goes to our community partners Fundraiser Grr, Changemakers Vancouver, and Rise Kombucha. Plus our sustaining monthly partners iATS Payments and NTEN.

See you next year!

The NetSquared Vancouver team