Show and Tell Videos: Tools and Techniques for Working from Home

Discover some weird and wonderful tools and techniques to make working from home just a little easier.

Discover some weird and wonderful tools and techniques to make working from home just a little easier. Hosted by NetSquared Vancouver on June 3, 2020.

Chad Leaman launched the event with a demo of Hemingway, a fierce text editing app.
Ashleigh Turner demonstrated how to use Notion as a database for your organization’s important information.
Want to minimize your email? Use BCC aggressively!
Roar shares how using multiple monitors can make you more effective. And make your closet look like NASA Mission Control.
Descript will transcribe your videos and make rough edits quick and easy. Also useful for podcast editing.
Miro is a free-form whiteboard tool that allows you to brainstorm, mind-map, project manage, and more. Perfect for teams of visual people.
Deadlines are THE BEST!
NetSquared Calgary’s Mel Sutjiadi shares how Toggl can be used for time-tracking. Perfect for client work.

Applications Demonstrated

(Thanks Chad Leaman for the note-taking!)

Software – Hemming Way AppHelp with word and character counts
Process – BCC on emailGet agressive with the BCC to save everyone’s email.
Software – NotionManagement software for NGO, especially around HR. Database / XLS / trellow mashup – cloud based, has nonprofit rates
Software – DescriptTranscribing Video (audio to text). Can also edit associated media (like take out the ums), take out gaps. Can snip out clips into new videos.
Software – GrammarlyGives you the tone ontop of the grammer help. Has NGO rate
Hardware – get more appsMultiple monitors to save your mind
Process – give deadlinesRequests for Feedback —- Give people a deadline for thier feedback “I willl do NEXT STEP at DATE AND TIME”
Software – TogglTime Tracking – great for contractors that need to log those minutes. Free plan may do!
Software – Auto Text ExpanderAuto Text Expander. Free Chrome addon
Software – AYOA.comMind mapping software
Software – MiroCollaborative Whiteboard. People can leave notes. Takes lots of things in – spreadsheets to diagrams, etc. Free first 3 boards
Software – SnapCameraBring Snapchat filters into your Zoom meeting
Software – iGlassesModify whats coming out of your webcamera (zoom, etc)
Process – TEam Happy Hour VirtuallyDress funny! Have a drink
ONline boardgames
Game like that suitcase boteKahoot – mulit choice questions game quizshow
Software – Calendar pluginSpeedy Meeting – take 5 minutes off each meeting.
Sofware – Video recording and sharing — Loom or VidyardShare and show some short little video — can be quicker than writing steps
Software – Zoom Breakout RoomsGreat to get people talking, too many people in a room can be intimidating
Zoom bomb stop??