Nonprofit Marketing Trends in the COVID-19 Age with Ben Abel

Exploring nonprofit digital marketing trends to improve customer experience through Personalisation 2.0 and AI.

COVID-19 has had an impact on nonprofits in ways that may not yet be measurable. But there are key indicators within and outside of organizations that can be used to understand what has happened and what will happen with nonprofit marketing trends as we move forward.

Exploring an organization’s digital culture and formulation of new marketing strategies can lead to better customer experience through Personalisation 2.0 and Artificial Intelligence.

Our ultimate goal is to rebuild donor trust and help organizations sustain and grow themselves in the 21st century.

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Key Takeaways about Nonprofit Marketing Trends During COVID-19

Artificial intelligence

Not only can AI help you reach a particular customer segment but it can help you create targeted campaigns for each individual with a different ask. All this will be driven by the deluge of data that we have available. AI is not only useful at the beginning of the donor journey but also during and after they have donated.

Artificial Intelligence Leads to Personalization 2.0

Artificial Intelligence can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns for all kinds of groups that reach both the targets of a campaign and those who can be implementers.

Personalization 2.0

Donor retention can only be achieved by engaging these donors and maintaining an emotional connection with them after they have donated. It can be done by using social-demographic data such as communicating with them on social media platforms, sending targeted emails on how they are making a difference, using geo-targeting for delivering content based on their geographic locations, and providing them personalized incentives for being loyal donors.

Digital culture and strategy

Digital culture and strategy lead to better customer experience. Why? Because it forces you to really look at your potential donor or customer and understand what they want.

The Constituent Experience is a Powerful Differentiator

Nonprofit marketers are pivoting from traditional single or multi-channel messaging strategies where communications are duplicated across channels. Instead they are taking cues from other industries to create personalized and connected cross-channel journeys where each constituent is recognized, remembered, and offered the right content at the right time based on the channel they’re engaging on.

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About the Presenter: Ben Abel from Abel Marketing Ltd.

Abel Marketing is a Vancouver, Canada based marketing company founded by Ben Abel. His mission is to help you build successful marketing programs and initiatives for your business venture or company.

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